Sunday, September 25, 2016

25 September, 6 o'clock. Letter (by hand), Van Helsing to Mrs. Harker.

Letter (by hand), Van Helsing to Mrs. Harker.

"25 September, 6 o'clock.
"Dear Madam Mina, --

"I have read your husband's so wonderful diary. You may sleep without doubt. Strange and terrible as it is, it is true! I will pledge my life on it. It may be worse for others; but for him and you there is no dread. He is a noble fellow; and let me tell you from experience of men, that one who would do as he did in going down that wall and to that room -- ay, and going a second time -- is not one to be injured in permanence by a shock. His brain and his heart are all right; this I swear, before I have even seen him; so be at rest. I shall have much to ask him of other things. I am blessed that to-day I come to see you, for I have learn all at once so much that again I am dazzle -- dazzle more than ever, and I must think. "Yours the most faithful,

"Abraham Van Helsing."

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